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Welcome to Circolo Abruzzese of Vancouver, a vibrant community that echoes the rich traditions and warm hospitality of the Abruzzo region in Italy. Established in 1968, our club serves as a cultural bridge, bringing together Abruzzesi and enthusiasts in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

At Circolo Abruzzese, our mission is to preserve, promote, and share the unique cultural heritage of Abruzzo. Through a tapestry of events, activities, and initiatives, we aim to foster a sense of belonging, celebrate diversity, and contribute to the cultural mosaic of Vancouver, while raising money and awareness for local charities.

Our Story:
Founded by a group of passionate Abruzzese individuals, Circolo Abruzzese has grown from a small gathering of like-minded individuals to a thriving community. Over the years, we have become a hub for those who wish to connect with their Abruzzese roots, share stories, and create lasting friendships.

Cultural Celebrations:
One of the cornerstones of Circolo Abruzzese is the celebration of Abruzzese festivals, traditions, and culinary delights. From lively festivals that showcase traditional music and dance to culinary events featuring authentic Abruzzese dishes, we create opportunities for our members to immerse themselves in the richness of Abruzzese culture.

Community Outreach:
Beyond our cultural celebrations, Circolo Abruzzese is committed to giving back to the Vancouver community. Through charitable initiatives, partnerships with local organizations, and volunteer efforts, we strive to make a positive impact and demonstrate the spirit of Abruzzese generosity.

Join Us:
Whether you have Abruzzese roots, a love for Italian culture, or simply an interest in connecting with a welcoming community, Circolo Abruzzese invites you to join us. Membership is open to all who share our passion for Abruzzese heritage and the desire to build meaningful connections.

Connect with us on Facebook or visit the events page on our website to stay updated on upcoming events and to become a part of our growing community.

Circolo Abruzzese of Vancouver - Where Tradition Meets Community.

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Aldo Stanicia


Rosella Spinelli


Eleonora Staniscia


Sandro Federico

Secretary & Webmaster

Ada Liberatore

Auditors & Society Reps Il Centro

Ida Federico


Amadio Celio


Enrica Paris

Reps to Il Centro

Mauro Liberatore


Joe D'Ovidio

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Tony Paris

Honorary Presidents

Lina Manetta

Honorary Presidents

Lega Femminile

la lega femminile del circolo abruzzese nacque nel 1968 e, proproio come I’ll Circolo Abruzzese, ebbe qualche difficoltà nei suoi primi anni di vita, ma tutti gli ostacoli vennero superati grazie alla determinazione e instancabile passione delle socie. 

Sormontati i primi impedimenti, anche con l’aiuto dei gentiluomini del Circolo Abruzzese, la lega Femminile portò a compimento molteplici progetti, grazie alla dedizione delle socie e alla visione delle presidenti e dei loro direttivi. 

Nonostante I’ll loro avvicendarsi negli anni, le socie della Lega Femminile non smisero mai di pensare e pianificare per I’ll future. 

Nel 2002, di comune accordo con I’ll Circolo Abruzzese e con tutti i socie e le socie, i due gruppi decisero di unire le forze sotto un’unica bandiera, quella del Circolo Abruzzese. 

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